- Ira Township Supervisor

Jim Endres - Supervisor

Crystal Sovey - Ira Township Clerk

Crystal Sovey - Clerk

Theresa Stillwell - Ira Township Deputy Clerk

Theresa Stillwell - Deputy Clerk

James Jacob - Ira Township Treasurer

James Jacob - Treasurer

Renee Darga - Ira Township Deputy Treasurer

Renee Darga - Deputy Treasurer & DPS Secretary

Christopher Hiltunen - Ira Township DPS Superintendent

Christopher Hiltunen - DPS Superintendent

Jason Keller - Ira Township Fire Chief

Jason Keller - Fire Chief

Geri McCann - Ira Township Parks and Rec Director

Geri McCann - Parks and Rec Director

Brian Bayly - Ira Township Building Inspector

David Wilemski - Building Inspector

Pam Eames -Ira Township Assessor and Building Secretary

Pam Eames - Assessor & Building Secretary

Marilyn Kershaw - Ira Township Planning and Zoning Administrator

Marilyn Kershaw - Planning & Zoning Administrator

Shannon Murray - Ira Township Code Enforcer

Shannon Murray - Code Enforcer

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